Best Places to Visit in St. Louis – The St. Louis Zoo

St. Louis has many memorable places that you can visit. It is famed for its local brewery scene, and of course, it is the home of the famous Budweiser Brewery. There are many places that you can visit, each with its own history and offerings. But among the best locations to visit in St. Louis is the Saint Louis Zoo. But what makes the St. Louis Zoo so good? We’ll break it down for you.

The St. Louis Zoo is Free

What is the most phenomenal aspect of the Saint Louis Zoo is that it is actually free of charge. Unlike other places, like Six Flags or Chucky Cheese, you can entertain your entire family for the day without paying for anything. You can even find a parking spot for free if you’re willing to walk a little. While you may end up spending some money feeding your family in the local cafeteria, or paying for treats like ice cream, you can technically go to the Saint Louis Zoo without paying a dime. And that’s good news if you are a family living on a tight budget. If you can’t afford to eat inside the zoo, pack a lunch or some snacks. 

The St. Louis Zoo has an amazing number of animals 

The variety of animals that you will find in the St. Louis Zoo is astounding. If you travel the United States and visit a variety of zoos, including the San Francisco Zoo or the Cincinnati Zoo, and you will probably not find a variety of animals that you’ll find at the St. Louis zoo. Among their most impressive creatures are the African lions, the Silverback gorillas, and the swimming polar bear. Also, you should stop by the sea lion area if there’s a show going on.

It’s scarcely possible to even find an animal that is not featured at the St. Louis zoo. Do you want to come face to face with a king cobra? Do you want to press your face to the glass in an aquarium with a giant hippo or a polar bear in it? That’s what you can experience at the St. Louis Zoo. It may be very difficult for you to get out into nature itself and find these animals in the wild, especially animals like the ones you might find in Africa. Few of us can possibly afford a trip to sub-Saharan Africa to go on a safari and photograph lions and giraffes in the wild. But at the zoo you can often get even closer to the animals than you could in their natural environment.

You can see Snakes at the St. Louis Zoo

One area of the saint Louis zoo that is sure to thrill some but frighten others is the reptile house, which features a variety of different reptiles and exotic snakes. Some of these snakes are so large that they could wrap their entire bodies around a full-size passenger bus.

Be aware, for those who are afraid of snakes may find this area to be a little bit too frightening. You may turn your back to one glass container containing a frightening steak only to find yourself confronted by another.

 The St. Louis Zoo Continues to Make Additions

The Saint Louis zoo is constantly evolving. When you visit, you may notice new additions, like the construction of a monkey jungle gym, or an expanded area for one of their many species. This makes the Saint Louis Zoo a fresh and exciting place to visit again and again, even if you are local.

The St. Louis Zoo is Huge

Another great aspect of the St. Louis zoo is its sheer size. It covers over 90 acres and is filled with over 655 species of animals, from all different climate types, from the likes of the frigid penguins to the sun-soaking cheetahs, from treetop birds to forest butterflies. Although the zoo is big, most of the area can be covered in a single day, but it might be a long day, so be prepared to eat inside the park if you want to see everything. 

Visit the St. Louis Zoo

If you are in the area, you should definitely check out the St. Louis Zoo. The size of the park, the variety of animals, and the free admission are all great reasons to visit the St. Louis Zoo.