Best places to visit in St. Louis – the Gateway Arch

St. Louis is famous for many things. Cardinals baseball, Budweiser beer, but perhaps nothing is more iconic and famous in the St. Louis Gateway arch. Some consider the tallest man-made monument in the western hemisphere, and although that may be a bit of a hyperbolic statement. St. Louis Art is nonetheless visually impressive and extraordinarily unique.

Why People Love the Gateway Arch

St. Louis Art is clad in stainless steel and cost approximately $13 million to construct, and is a towering symbol in celebration of the Western expansion of the United States. Many people traveling across the United States from coast to coast are welcome by the site of the Gateway Arch as they make their way from the ports of New York to the California coast, and it is a symbol of heartland America it is written indelibly in the minds of all Americans.

Beyond the simple fact of its existence is the enjoyment you can experience simply by visiting it for yourself and taking the journey to the top of the arch to view the expansive St. Louis cityscape below, including the Cardinals baseball stadium, perhaps even while a game is being played.

St. Louis Arch Fireworks

Although some may argue that St. Louis Art does not quite deserve its title as a national park alongside the lakes of Yellowstone and Glacier and Yosemite, it is nonetheless a place that must be visiting if you visit St. Louis or even the Midwest in general. The arch Gateway arch national Park consists not only of the monument but of the park under and around it, where hundreds of thousands of people come to visit, relax, and perhaps even enjoy a festival, like the famous fireworks show on the Fourth of July. Nothing is more impressive than viewing the Arch with the backdrop of a dazzling firework show to celebrate the independence of our country.

Museum at the Gateway Arch

If you’ve never visited the Gateway arch, you may not be aware that underneath the arch itself is a museum with a variety of exhibits to explore. Although these exhibits are not especially impressive, compared to the arch itself, it is none the worse worth a look to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the arch and the broader history of St. Louis.

Where the Gateway Arch got its famous design

The construction of the St. Louis arch started with a competition between architects for the creation of a symbol that would embody the Midwest and the gateway to the west. On February 18, 1948, Saarinen’s design was unanimously chosen by the jury to be the design for the Gateway Arch, and from there on construction began in earnest.

The Construction of the Gateway Arch

The interesting fact: numerous actuarial firms actually predicted that 13 people would die in the construction of the arch. However, no people actually died during the construction process, which some would argue was a good omen for St. Louis’s most treasured monument. The construction took much longer than expected, though, and did not officially open until 1967 long after the predicted date of opening.

 Riding to the Top of the Gateway Arch

History aside, St. Louis Arch is an experience that you literally step into. You can ride the trolley from the bottom of the arch all the way up to the top. We might warn you, however, that for those who experience anxiety from claustrophobia, this ride might not be too pleasant. Imagine a Ferris wheel ride in which the journey is entirely enclosed. Standing at the top of the arch in the top of the arch, it’s a fun experience, but you may find yourself suffering from a hint of vertigo as you feel the slight sway of the top of the arch as you stand and lean over the viewport to take in the impressive site below. Having said that, it’s definitely worth it to travel to the top, but keep that in mind.

 Visit the Arch During Good Weather

Although Midwest weather can be rather unpredictable, enjoying the park around the Gateway Arch on a nice spring or autumn day can be a great experience for you to share with family and friends, and if the weather is temperate, you should consider visiting, especially if you’re new to the area.

Visit the Gateway Arch

There are many things that can be said about the Gateway arch, but it is certainly unique to St. Louis and if you were ever visiting this area you should take a stroll in the park or take a ride to the top to experience the most famous monument in St. Louis.