Unforgettable Hot Air Balloon Rides & Experiences in St. Louis, Missouri.

It was the day of my Hot Air Balloon Ride and I couldn’t be more excited. The anticipation burned in my stomach as we drove to our destination, but soon enough I would be floating among the clouds. It’s like nothing you’ll ever experience on earth!
The pilot greeted us with an understanding smile because he knew it was our first time. “Alright kids!” He called out; his voice echoing off the metal walls of the balloon enclosure. “You ready for this?” We were both shaking at that point, but nodded eagerly all the same.
“Then give me a thumbs up if you’re ready.” And then it happened: we were carried into the air by what felt like magic; defying gravity; soaring higher.

Introducing Velocity Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning is an exhilarating aeronautical adventure where you float with the breeze from treetop height to a few thousand feet above the ground, experiencing great views and giving the pilot steerage to the best available landing site. Since the balloon is traveling with the wind, there is little to no sensation of the wind. It is generally a very calm and serene experience.  A Hot Air Balloon ride is on the bucket list for many people looking to enjoy a once in a lifetime adventure.

Velocity Ballooning specializes in giving private, highly-personalized Hot Air Balloon rides, focusing on your desires and expectations, creating a very boutique ballooning adventure. We take great pride in providing you with excellent customer service, with the goal of putting you at ease and creating a very comfortable experience as we sail through the sky to create amazing life-lasting memories!

What to expect

Reservations are required.  We usually meet our passengers in St. Charles County.  Our passengers will park their vehicle and travel to the launch field in our balloon chase vehicle.  Once we arrive to the field, our balloon crew gets to work unloading and preparing the aircraft.  At this time, our pilot will give you a thorough safety briefing.  Additionally, the passengers may partake in the setup or can just enjoy watching the setup of the balloon, or taking pictures.  The setup takes about 20 minutes.  Once setup and a final preflight check of the balloon are made, the passengers will be requested to board and a final briefing will be made.  Our flights are approximately one hour long, depending on the winds and landing site options. Upon landing, our pilot and crew packs up the gear, and then a toast with a glass of champagne, or nonalcoholic beverage, and the traditional Balloonist’s Prayer ends your amazing adventure.

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Meet Kurt, your Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Kurt’s love for aviation goes beyond Hot Air Balloons. Not only is Kurt a balloon pilot, but he has been a professionall international corporate business jet pilot for over 25 years. This makes him the only Hot Air Balloon pilot in the St. Louis area to have both licenses under his belt. Kurt fell in love with Hot Air Ballooning many years ago when a friend took him and his wife, Kimberly, for their first balloon ride. The moment Kurt got out of the basket after the flight he knew that he had to learn how to fly Hot Air Balloons. At the time, he thought it would be nothing more than just a fun hobby. That mindset quickly changed. With his wife and his children’s help and support, Kurt mastered the art of flying a Hot Air Balloon and started Velocity Ballooning in order to share his passion for ballooning with you!  Another great aspect of ballooning is the fact that it brings family together, and many times you will see our family members out to help with the day’s flights.
Kurt has been so successful with his flying that he has been asked to teach and train other young pilots, and has even been invited to multiple exclusive events to participate in. Kurt is a very outgoing, funny, and fun pilot to fly with. He even lets his passenger’s pick their own music to rock out to high up in the sky! Kurt always enjoys meeting and talking to new people, making them feel very welcome each and every flight. Kurt goes the extra mile to educate and get to know his passengers every time he flies.

Kurt has always been big on safety and checklists to make sure that every passenger will have an exceedingly safe flight. Kurt is trained intensely every year in the aircraft he flies, on interpreting weather, and in aviation safety protocols, making him aware of situations that may arise before they happen. What brings Kurt the most joy in life is pursuing his passion of flying whenever possible and giving others the same opportunity to experience that same exhilaration of flight! Kurt is an adventurous pilot that will fly all year round in the hot, cold, and everywhere in between, weather dependent. Your safety is not only Kurt’s, but our entire crew’s main priority!

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